Our Tarpaulin, both Winpoly & Crosspoly have excellent weight to strength ratio, are 100% water and moisture proof and are inert to most acids and chemicals. Our All-Purpose Tarps may be used to cover small areas to create enclosures, or cover up portions of fields or sites that need to be pr

Jumbo Bags

A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), bulk bag, big bag or super sack, is an industrial container more..Jumbo Bags are common in the market all around. This is an open mouth bags with flat bottom and with four loops design and very ideal for lifting, filling and transportation.


We are one of the most leading suplier and wholeseller of trustworthy names engaged in offering material for raincoat. Our PVC raincoat material is available in semi-transparent and transparent form.

Portable Vermibeds

What is Vermiculture/ Vermicomposting?

  • Vermiculture/ Vermicomposting through Earthworm is economic and easy technology to convert all bio-degradable waste into best quality organic manure. All types of bio-degradable materials like urban solid waste/ rural solid

Flower bed cover

If you dream of weed-free flower beds, you have several options to achieve this. Mulching around plants with organic materials controls weeds to some degree, but a few aggressive ones almost always manage to find a way through, making hand weeding necessary. Putting a plastic liner, or weed barri

Two wheeler cover

We are also engaged in the sphere of manufacturing a wide range of two wheeler covers/ Four wheeler covers/ Machinery covers/ Construction site :  Covers that are manufactured with superior quality of HDPE fabric/PU coated/WR cotton canvas are light weight, shrink proof, water repellant, cot

Surface Protek

In residential buildings, houses, commercial spaces, or offices, sometimes the flooring may be expensive. During construction or repair work, there are high chances of damage or scratches to these expensive surfaces. In such circumstances, the flooring is protected with the help of surface protec

Mulch films

Mulching Film is a protection cover over the soil, primarily to modify the effect of the local climate. The most powerful feature of plastic mulch is the impact it has on light. Light is responsible for creating both, heat and color. Plastic mulch can impact the development of heat increasing or

Fumigation Cover

Winpoly or Crosspoly fumigation cover can be used for Food Grains Covering, Industrial Purpose, Agriculture Purpose, and more. Our fumigation covers are only made from quality raw materials and offered to our clients at competitive prices. The food grains are covered with fumigation covers to kee